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How to Add a Custom Form in ProProfs Knowledge Base


What Is a Custom Form?


A Custom Form is a feedback form that you can create from scratch easily. There are two ways that you can incorporate feedback forms to gather customer feedback - Hosted and External Form. You can create your own Custom Form using the Hosted option. On the other hand, the option External Form is meant to integrate third-party feedback forms.


  1. How to Create a Custom Form
  2. How to Edit a Custom Form
  3. How to Delete a Custom Form


Here's How to Create a Custom Form


Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, click Settings.



Step 2: Click Forms.




Step 3: By default, you land on the Hosted form type as in the screenshot below. 


To create a customized form, drag and drop your desired custom fields from the pre-set options available on the left-hand side. By default, a few fields are already added for you to start with. A custom form needs at least 3 fields, so if you want to remove one of these, you will need to first add a fourth field and then remove one. Edit these fields, if need be.




For clarity, here's what these various custom fields are and what information would these collect: 

  • Name - As it's obvious by the title, this field collects your customer's name.



  • Upload - Your customers can upload files in the following formats - .doc, .docx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, and zip. The maximum upload size is 20 MB.



  • Multiple Choice - Create multiple choice questions for your customers to understand, for example, their preference for a product.



  • Large Text - This asks for a detailed description of your customer's experience in this field.



  • Email - This field collects the email address provided by the customer.



  • Phone - Collects their contact number.



  • Checkbox - This field would ask your customers to tick their choices. 



  • Dropdown - This field provides several selectable options in a drop-down; for example, country, state, etc.





  • Single Text - This is a text field with the limit of a maximum of 255 characters.



Step 4: Customize the Submit button.


To be able to customize it, enable Customize Button option. Give the button a name and select a color of your choice. That's it.  Now, click Next to configure the settings of your custom form.



Step 5: Add Recipients.


Under the Settings tab, you can add Recipients such as your company's support contact details. You can add multiple email IDs by separating them with a comma (emailone@domain.com, emailtwo@domain.com, and so on).  



Step 6: Enable Respondents to get a copy.


Enable this setting if you want your customers to get an acknowledgment email post they have submitted a feedback form. The submitted feedback form also goes along with this acknowledgment email.



Step 7: Once you're done configuring Settings, click Next to move to the Launch tab.



Step 8: Finalize the placement of the feedback form.


You can choose where do you want the feedback form to appear. You can do that by selecting either one or both the options - 'As a Tab in Knowledge Base' and 'As a Table of Content'. Select a placement option - you can either place it on the Middle Right or Bottom Right of a page. Click Save when you're done.



Step 11: Click OK to acknowledge the message below. Congratulations! Your Custom Form is now ready to be launched!




Here's How You Can Edit a Custom Form


Step 1: Once the Custom Form is created, go to Settings from your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard.



Step 2: Click Forms to edit the custom form.



Step 3: Edit the form.


You can now edit the form in case your requirements have changed. Also, you can now move freely between the tabs Create, Settings, and Launch by clicking on them, which you can't do while creating a new Custom Form. In the editing mode, you don't have to rely on the Next button to do so.



Step 4: After you've edited the Custom Form, click on the Save button to save the changes you've made. Please note that the Save button is present in the Launch tab.




Here's How You Can Delete a Custom Form


You can delete a Custom Form in case you no longer need it or if you want to create a new Custom Form or integrate a third-party feedback form. Please note that you can have only one feedback form at a time. It can either be a Custom Form or an External Form (third-party forms). You are required to delete the existing form in case you want to create a new Custom Form or integrate an External Form.


Here's how you can delete a Custom Form:


Step 1: Click Settings on your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard.



Step 2: Click Forms.



Step 3: Click Remove.



Step 4: Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the Custom Form.








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