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How to Add Editors and Contributors


A user in ProProfs is someone that can log in and author help pages, administer the application, add content, and more. Editors can publish and manage pages but cannot change the settings and Contributors can write or edit pages but cannot delete or publish them, neither can they access the settings.


Follow these steps to learn how to Add Editors and Contributors in Knowledge Base:


Step 1: Log in to your Knowledge Base administrator account and navigate to "Settings" -----> "Users". Click "+ New User" button to add a new user.



Step 2: Enter user details in the New User Form, or you can select to Import user details via excel sheets. Assign roles, groups and site access.



Step 3: Now from Roles you can select the role which you want to assign to the user such as editor, contributor, administrator, and Viewer. Then click "Create" at the end of the form to add the user.



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