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Content Snippets


What is a content snippet?

Content snippets help you easily update content for multiple pages of your knowledge base. This is a way to single-source a piece of content that you regularly use in different pages. You can instantly update a number of things, such as the design of the page (header/footer) or a piece of content on the page (text/images) by simply updating the content snippet.


For instance, you might  have information such as disclaimers, contact information or an image that is repeated in every help article. With single sourcing/content snippets you can create an article/topic once and then re-use the contents of this topic in other articles.


Note* Any change  you make to the original article will automatically reflect in other articles.

How to create content snippets?

Step 1. Click on "Content Snippets" under "Preview".


Step 2. Click on "New Content Snippet". 


Step 3. Create the content for the snippet. Add a title, description, text and images. In this example, we are using only an image. 


This example shows an image for "Money Back Guarantee" that you can repeatedly show on different pages.


Step 4. Go to the page where you want to add the above content and click on "Content Snippet".


Now, select the content snippet and click on "Insert". In our example, we have named the snippet as "Badge".



Our system will automatically generate a snippet, which you can place anywhere on the article. 













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