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How to Create a Knowledge Base



Let's Create a Knowledge Base Site

ProProfs allows you to create and manage multiple documentation websites under a single login.  Each site has its own pages, color theme, CSS, domain name, and other features.


If you have several products that you sell, you might want each product to have its own documentation site with its own page topics, color theme, and so on. ProProfs makes this easy. Logged-in users can easily jump between your different ProProfs sites under a single login, but your customers will think they are on two different sites.


Here's a preview of how the site will appear in a web browser:



Follow these steps to learn how to create a new site:


Step 1: Log in to your admin account and open the "Sites" drop-down menu.


Step 2: Click "+ Help Site" to add a new site.



Step 3: Enter the site URL and name. Click "Create" to proceed.



Step 4: Choose an appropriate template from the numerous choices offered. Select the one which best suits your needs.



Step 5: You site is ready, start customizing!






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