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Create and Delete a User via API


You can implement an API that will create and delete user to the Knowledge Base


Endpoint URL:


The endpoint URL given below is used to call the rest API. POST will be used as the request method. JSON will be your request format.


POST https://www.helpdocsonline.com/proprofsapi/user/v1

Request Parameters


Name Required Type Description
api_key Yes String Your private API key for the FAQ. The API key is available at: Settings > In-App Help > API key
action Yes String Action of the API “create” or "delete"
users Yes String/Array You can create one user at a one time. Sample like email, name, role, access_sites, group

1. role: It can be any value from ‘Admin’, ‘Editor’, ‘Contributor’, ‘Viewer’.

2. access_sites: Allowed values are: 0 or 1. Pass 1 if you want to give access to all the sites and pass 0 if you don’t want to give access to any of the sites (it can be used when you don’t want to give access to all the sites, but wanted to give access according to any group)

3. group: Pass the group names here separated by comma (if more than one)


 Sample Code | JSON


Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
        "api_key":  "<your API key>",
        "action":   "create",
                 "email":   "sample@mycompany.com",
                 "name":   "Sample",
                 "role":    "Contributor",
                 "access_sites":    0,
                 "group":    "groupName1,groupName2"                


Sample Code | PHP Script


$data = array();
$data['api_key'] = '<your API key>';
$data['action'] = 'create';
$users= array('email'=>'sample@mycompany.com','name'=>'Sample','role'=>'Contributor','access_sites'=>0,'group'=>'groupName');
$data['users'] = array($user1);
echo json_encode($data);


Response Format



Example Response [Success]


Content-Type: application/json
        "status":   "SUCCESS",
        "msg":   "User added successfully"


Name Required
status Success
msg User added successfully





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