How to Enable & Customize Feedback Settings


The Feedback feature allows your website visitors to rate whether a webpage or an article is useful for them or not. It appears as a question at the bottom of a webpage or the end of an article, and readers can respond by clicking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.


Benefits of asking for feedback on your help content:

  • Tells you how your webpages or articles are performing
  • Helps you measure customer satisfaction
  • Detailed feedback helps you create the best customer experience
  • Shows your audience that you value their opinion


Here’s how the feedback survey appears at the bottom of a page or article.


Feedback survey


Whether the response is 'Yes' or 'No', it is instantly stored in the feedback report that you can check out later. When your website visitor answers ‘Yes’, the following question is presented to them to end the survey. They can choose to send their feedback or ignore the second question by clicking ‘No thanks’.


Feedback survey question


When the answer is 'No', your website visitor gets the follow-up question which lists some selectable responses such as ‘Fix typos or links’, ‘Fix incorrect or incomplete information’, etc. They can also provide additional feedback in the comment box provided below. That said, they can choose to send or ignore this follow-up question by clicking ‘No thanks’.


Feedback survey question


Note: When your website visitors click 'Send' for the follow-up questions, the feedback is sent to the email addresses you provide at the time of customizing the feedback settings. If they click ‘No thanks’, no email is sent but the response to the original question ('Yes' or 'No') is stored in the feedback reports.


In this article, you’ll learn:

  1. How to enable and customize feedback settings
  2. How to access feedback reports


1. How to enable and customize feedback settings


Step 1. Go to Settings >> Feedback from your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard.


Knowledge base feedback


Step 2. The screenshot below explains how to enable and customize feedback settings.


Feedback survey settings


1. Check the Turn On Feedback checkbox to enable users to share feedback.
2. Enter the email address where you’d like to get notified.
3. Enter the feedback question you’d like to ask. In case you do not prefer the edited question, click Switch to Default to reset it to the original version.

4. Enter the follow-up question for detailed feedback if the response is ‘No’ to the first question. You can click Switch to Default to reset to the original question.

5. Optionally, you can request website visitors to provide their email address when they’re submitting feedback.
6. You can also prevent your website visitors from giving feedback more than once per page visit. For example, if a website visitor submits their feedback, they cannot do it again for the same page unless the page is refreshed or they return to this page.


Click Save when you’ve customized the feedback settings.


Note: The feedback survey is applied to all your webpages and articles on your help site.


2. How to access feedback report


Feedback generates a corresponding report that shows you the rating given by your website visitors to your webpages or articles.


Step 1. Go to Reports.



Step 2. Go to Suggestions and scroll down to find the section ‘What are customers saying about articles?’ The screenshot below explains all the data that you can see in the report.


Feedback survey reports


1. List from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 feedback entries on a single page.

2. Shows the names of the articles/webpages that were given feedback.

3. Email addresses of your website visitors.

4. Shows feedback received as 'Good' or 'Bad'. 'Good' means your website visitor clicked 'Yes' while 'Bad' means they clicked 'No'.

5. Shows comments entered by your website visitors for the follow-up questions.

6. The date on which the feedback was given.

7. Download this report.




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