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Customize Your Knowledge Base Home Page


The Home page is part of your dashboard when you log in to the Knowledge Base using your ProProfs credentials. For your help site visitors and customers, this is the first page they land on when they visit your help site. You can customize it entirely to match the look and feel of your website.


Here's how to customize the Home page in the Knowledge Base:


Step 1: The Home page looks like this on your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard. To edit and customize the Home page, click Edit Home.



Step 2: There are the following main elements for customizing the Home page:


These can be seen in the screenshot below.



Step 3: Let's begin with the Header and all the elements that it has: Header ImageHeader TitleSubheaderPlaceholder, and Page Title. These are highlighted in the screenshot below. To customize these, click Header.



Step 3.1: On the left, you can edit the header image, text colors, placeholder, and the page title while the header and subheader text can be edited right where it is displayed. Please refer to the screenshot below.



Step 3.2: Next is the Theme, which allows you to:

  • Change the font of the text that appears on the Home page.
  • Customize the color of a text that is a hyperlink.
  • Customize the color of any text buttons that get highlighted during a mouseover.



Step 3.3: Once you're done with the Header, you can customize the Categories. Categories are folders in the Table of Content (on the left side of the page). These categories can also be viewed and accessed on the Home page, as shown below (for example, Getting Started). You can change their icons, descriptions, box color, box border color, as well as the alignment of the text.



Step 3.4: You can also select the folders you want to display on the Home page. To do that, click the + button and select/unselect the folders.



Step 3.5: Moving on to the option Add Feature Article. Feature articles are help articles that can be added to the Home page at its bottom, allowing your website visitors to access useful content. To add articles on the Home page, click Manage Articles.



Step 3.6: Select the articles that you want to feature on the Home page and click Add.



Step 3.7: Lastly, click Change Template to change the look and feel of your Home page. This will provide you with a variety of templates to choose from.



Step 3.8: Select a template and click Change.



Note - When you switch to a different template, you'll lose all the changes you may have made to the Home page previously. Once you're done customizing the entire Home page, click Save & Done.