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How to add URL to folders

ProProfs offers you the freedom to add url to your knowledge base folders.


Why do you need it?


Imagine when you want to share multiple knowledge base articles that are in the same folder. You will have to share link to each page in that folder but with this simple feature, you can just share the link of the folder instead of sending out several links. 



Here's how you can get it done: 


Step1. Login to your ProProfs Knowledgebase and click Settings. Then, hit Configure & Brand


Step2. Select the site you want this feature on.




Step3. Click on Table of Contents. Scroll down and enable Folder Url option. Then, hit Save.


Step4. Now, go to your chosen site and select any folder. You will see all pages of the selected folder listed. Refer to the image below.



Now, instead copying every page link, you can simply share the url to the entire folder.