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What is Help Widget?

This feature helps you club multiple article pages in a single help widget. This widget can be easily embedded on to any of your webpage, so that your customers can access the selected articles with ease on the webpage itself. 


Following is the final outcome when you enable Help Widget, followed by correct steps to enable it:


To correctly achieve the above shown outcome, follow these steps to enable Help Widget in your knowledge base:


Step1.  Click on settings from your knowledge base dashboard.  Then click on "Help Widget".  Refer to the screenshot below:





Step2.  Once you click on "Help Widget", a list of your available websites would appear (as shown in the screenshot below). Now, select a site by clicking on the "Select" button adjacent to the site.


Step3.  Now, select the articles from the site you want to be included in the Help Widget (See the screenshot below). Once you have hit the desired check boxes, copy the embed code at the bottom.   


Step4. Paste the copied embed code in the webpage you want your Help Widget to appear.  Refresh the page. The Help Widget would appear as follows: