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How to Configure the Help Widget Feature


Help Widget is a web application that you can embed in a webpage on your website. It helps you group multiple articles into a single widget that website visitors can use to get access to help center articles instantly.


Benefits of embedding Help Widgets on your webpages:

  • Improves Your Customer Support Process

  • Promotes Self-Help

  • Decreases The Number of Customer Tickets Significantly


Once configured, the Help Widget appears on the right hand side of the webpage as a small Help icon.



Following is the final outcome when you expand the Help Icon. 



How To Configure The Help Widget Feature


To correctly achieve the above-shown outcome, follow these steps to enable Help Widget on your webpages.


Step 1:  Click on Settings in your knowledge base dashboard.  Then click on In-App Help



Step 2:  Now, select the articles you want to add in the Help Widget. Once you've selected the articles you want, click on Submit Pages. Next, copy the Embed Code and place it on your website.


For a sample view before embedding, you can click on the Preview button.



Here's a video to help you configure the Help Widget feature:




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