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Member Manager

With member manager you can add new users and manage their permissions and roles.


You can also organize them into groups or teams and manage group permissions. Additionally, you can control access of users and groups to content in your knowledge bases.


The two-way manage your knowledge base members are:

How to add and manage users?

Step 1. Go to "Settings" and click on "Users". 


Step 2. Click on "New User".



Step 3. Add the details of the user such as name, email, language and time zone. 


You can also assign roles such as contributor, editor, administrator and control which help sites the user can or cannot access.      

How to create and manage groups?


Step 1. Click on "Create a group" to give a name to the group. Add the name of the group and click on "Next".


Step 2. Add existing members to the group. 


Step 3. Define the roles and permission for the group. Remember that you can choose to keep or override the permissions that the exiting users in the group have. 



Once you've have completed and saved all the steps above, you will be able to easily manage and collaborate with multiple writers and editors to create your knowledge base.