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Multiple-Site Search


ProProfs Knowledgebase allows you to search content across all of your sites simultaneously. So, if a piece of content is in multiple locations across different sites or you are not sure of the location, you will be able to find it in a jiffy. 


Note: After you have enabled multiple-site search from settings, users of your Knowledgebase would have the option to search multiple Knowledgebases from the "advanced" search menu.


Here's how you can enable multiple-site search:


Step 1: Click "Settings," then click "Configure & Brand."


Step 2: Select a site from the list. Click site name to proceed.


Step 3: Site setup loads up. Click "Search" tab and select sites to include in search results. Click "Save" to save the changes. 


Here 's how this works for the users:


Step 1: Search a keyword. The results will only be from the current site. Click "Advanced" from the results page. 


Step 2: In "Include results from" section select checkboxes for desired sites. Click "Search" to search multiple sites.  


Here's how multiple-site search results appear: 


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