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How to set up a URL redirect for your KnowledgeBase pages


To redirect the pages of your knowledge base you need to copy its permalink.


The permalink is the latter part of a URL. For instance,  if the full URL is "knowledgebase.proprfos.com/create-a-new-tooltip" then the permalink is "create-a-new-tooltip" as shown in the image below










Once, you have the permalink of the page you want to redirect, then follow the steps below:


Step 1: In the Settings page, Go To Configure & Brand.











Step 2: Under the Table of Contents tab, scroll down to '301 Re-Direct' and select Manage.









Step 3: Now, click on +Restrict New URL.


















Step 4. Add the permalink (in this example, it is create-a-new-tooltip) you want to redirect in the left box. Then, choose the permalink of the page where you want the redirection to be done.