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How to Integrate Live Chat Software With Knowledge Base 


What are the benefits of live chat knowledge base integration?


Instantaneous customer support

Chat integration with knowledge base enables you to open a direct line of communication with visitors of knowledge base pages and provide them immediate responses to their inquiries.


Customer convenience

Live chat is a next-gen solution that simplifies communications with customers. Increased customer convenience results in heightened conversation rates.



How will it look?



When you open a Knowledge Base page, a chat icon will instantly appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Live Chat is compatible with knowledge-based integrations. You can easily integrate Live Chat software with Knowledge Base by following the steps presented below-


Step 1: Sign in with your Knowledge Base account and click Settings.




Step 2: Click on Integrations tab


Step 3: Click on ProProfs Chat to verify your selection of chat integration with Knowledge Base.
Step 4: Fill out your Chat account details in the given blank fields.

*Note: After filling out your details, the process of Live Chat integration with Knowledge Base will begin, and the chat icon will appear after the integration is complete.


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