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ProProfs Live Chat Integration With ProProfs Knowledge Base 

Install a live help chat software on your website to initiate conversations with visitors, capture potential leads with pre-chat forms, and close sales faster.


Benefits of adding ProProfs Live Chat to your ProProfs Knowledge Base:

  1. Reduce Tickets with 24*7 support. 
  2. Monitor Knowledge Base visitors in real-time.
  3. Capture feedback easily


How will it look?



Here's how you can add ProProfs Live Chat to Your ProProfs Knowlege Base:

Step 1: On your ProProfs Knowledge Base dashboard, navitage to Settings >> ProProfs Chat.



Step 2: Now click on Add Chat for adding Live Chat into your Knowledge Base.


Step 3: Log into your ProProfs Chat account by providing Email & Password.
Now, ProProfs Chat has been added Successfully to Your Knowledge Base.

If you want to remove ProProfs Chat, follow the below steps:

Step 1: From you Knowledge Base dashboard, navitage to Settings >> ProProfs Chat.



Step 2: Click on Remove Chat. The Chat will remove form your Knowledge Base help site.



Step 3: Click on OK and chat will rempve from your help site.






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