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ProProfs Survey Maker Integration

ProProfs allows you to integrate your ProProfs Knowledgebase with ProProfs Survey Maker.  


You can use this integration to get feedback from visitors landing on your knowledge base. After you have completed this integration, your visitors will see a "Support" icon on the right of the screen. When a visitor clicks it, a survey of your choice will pop up.


Here's an example of a survey on the knowledge base: 




Follow these simple steps to get this integration:


Note* In order for this integration to work, you will need your ProProfs Survey Maker API key. 


Step1. Login to ProProfs Survey Maker. Click on "My Account" from the drop down as shown below. 



Step2. Copy the API key. 



Step3. Now, login to your ProProfs Knowledgebase. Click on "Settings", then "Forms". (see screenshot below)



Step4. Select the site you want your survey to be displayed.



Step5. Click on "Edit Settings". 



Step6. Now, click on the ProProfs Survey Maker logo and paste the API key in the text box as shown below. 



Step7. Click "Next". A pop up will appear, now add any survey from your ProProfs Survey Maker account. Once you're done, click on "Select". 


Note* You can click on "Create Survey", if you want to add a new one.



Step8.  Your survey will pop up once you click on the "Support" button as shown below.