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Revision History

Want to recover a previous version of a page? Revision history saves backup copies each time you save a draft page or publish a page. ProProfs will store the last 30 revisions of each page. The versions allow you to look back at the recent changes you’ve made and revert to an earlier version if necessary.

Viewing a Page's Revision History

To view the publish history of a page

  1. View the page you want to see the publish history for
  2. From the toolbar click Revision history
  3. The revision history grid will appear

To view a specific version click on the date/time the page was published.


  • When working on draft pages a new copy will only be saved every 30 minutes.
  • That means each time you click save or the page auto-saves you do not have to worry about your revision limit being exceeded. 
  • For example lets say you create a page at 10:00pm and while working on it you save it many times. The system will create one backup and continue to update it during the 30 minute period. After 30 minutes has passed, the system will then create a second backup revision.

Comparing Versions

The compare version feature allow you to check out the two versions of your page side by side, with changes clearly highlighted.


1. Select 2 pages you want to compare.

2. Then click Show differences.

Revert to a Previous Version

The system will keep up to 30 versions of a page. To restore the page to a previous version click "Restore this version" and that version will now be the current version. Restoring to a previous version does not eliminate any versions. Rather the version moves to the top of your history, maintaining all previous versions of your page, including the current version.

  1. Locate the version you want to make the current version and click Restore this version
  2. Confirm you want to make the page the current version.

Delete a Previous Version

To delete a previous version of a published page, follow these steps:

  1. To delete a previous version, click the X icon (delete) for that version.
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the version.

You cannot delete a version that is the current published version. To delete the current published version, you must first change the current version to another version. Then you can delete it.

Delete a Working Draft

If you edit a published page and click Save, the page will be saved as a working draft and will not affect the live page. When you click to edit or view the page, you will see the working version. If decide you do not want to keep the changes, you can delete the working draft.

  1. The working draft will always be located on the top row. To delete the working draft, click the X icon (delete).
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the working draft.