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Roles and permissions give your company the ability to control and assign what users can and cannot do in ProProfs.  You can assign every user in ProProfs is a role when you add them. Learn more about adding users.

ProProfs has these pre-defined roles:

  • Administrator - Administrators have access, and can make changes, to all features and settings. 
  • Editor - Editors can publish and manage pages but cannot change the settings.
  • Contributor - Contributors can write or edit pages but cannot delete or publish them, neither can they access the settings.
  • Viewer - Viewers can only view the content, similar to logged-out users. This role is designed for private sites.


Each role can perform a certain set of tasks, called Permissions.

Here's the permissions chart for each role:


Permissions Administrator Editor Contributor
Add New Folders  
Delete folders  
Edit Folders  
Add Pages
Edit Pages
Publish Pages  
Delete Pages  
View All Pages
Add Tooltips
Edit Tooltip
Delete Tooltip  
Access Settings    

Limit Site Access

When adding/editing users, you can limit which sites they can access. This option allows you to restrict a user's access to certain sites. 



By default, a user is allowed to access all sites. To restrict a user from accessing a certain site, click the box next to the desired site (the box will show a check mark next to the restricted site).


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