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The search feature will allow users to search and find pages. You can also add a search box to your own website or web application.

Page Suggestions

When you enter text into the search box located on the top right, matching page suggestions will appear to help you quickly navigate to a desired page. The suggestions are matched by page title. Choose one of the suggestions to navigate directly to the page or ignore and perform a site search.

You can use your keyboard to quickly move up and down the list of suggestions then just press the Enter key to open. 

Full Site Search

The search will be performed site wide. Draft pages and pages marked to be excluded from search will not return in the results. Search will search each page's content, page title, search keywords, and table of contents name. 


To perform a search, simply enter the search text into the search box and press the Enter key.

  • If you are in Tab View, the search results will open in a new tab.
  • To open a search result, click on that page title in the search results.

Search Keywords

Search keywords allows you to provide additional searchable text and targeted keywords for a page such as "password, password reset, lost password, forgot password" that the system will use when performing a search.

  • When editing a page, from the page details click the link More settings.

  • Make sure page you select as Show page in search results. Enter your keywords and click Save.


Hide a Page from the Search Results

A published page appears in the search results by default. However, you can hide a page from the search results.

  • When editing a page, from the page details click the link More settings.
  • To remove the page from the search results, uncheck Show page in search result.

Hide Search Box from Home Page

If your home page has a large search box on the page, you may not want to have another search box on the top right.

To hide the search box from the home page:

  1. Log in to your account (as an administrator) and click Settings.
  2. Click Add, Edit, Customize Sites.
  3. Select the site you want to edit.
  4. On the start page settings select Hide global search box on home page.

The search box will now hide on the home page and appear on every other page.

Adding a Search Box to a Page

You can also add a search box to any page you create in ProProfs. To add a search box to a page, add the following code to the page's source code:


<input id="txtsearch" name="" type="text" /> <input id="Search" name="Search" onclick="window.search (document.getElementById('txtsearch').value);" type="button" value="Search" />


This will function just like the global search box and will return the search results. Learn how to access the source code of a page.

Adding a Search Box to Your Own Website or Web Application

You can also pass a search query from your own website or web application to your ProProfs site. This allows you to add a search box to your own website and pass the search term to your ProProfs documentation site.

To do this, you will need to add a small piece of HTML code to your website or web application:


<input id="txtsearch" />
<input type="Button" onclick="window.open ('http://helpiq.helpdocsonline.com/?search='+document.getElementById('txtsearch').value)" value="search"/>
Change the URL to your ProProfs site, for example, site.helpdocsonline.com. If you have a custom domain set up, you would use that URL.

 Download a sample HTML file