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Sync Page


Sync Page allows you to make the same page appear at multiple locations in your documentation. So, suppose you have an article that is relevant to various folders. You can create it in one folder and sync it at the two additional spots. It offers central editing, editing the page in one folder or location will automatically apply the changes elsewhere.


Here is how Synced pages look like in the KB Dashboard. We have synced the 'Awards' Page with the 'Awards of Excellence' Page. 


Sync a Page

Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Knowledge Base account, to sync a page to another page press the "Sync"   button on the context menu.



Step 2: An overlay will appear listing all the published pages. Select the page you wish to sync, then Click "Save." 



Step 3:  The sync page with the same title as the original page is ready to be synced to a different page. To move, Click and Drag the synced page in this case "Awards" to the desired location.





Step 4: Here's how the synced pages will look. 



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