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Add, Edit, and Delete Users

A user in ProProfs is someone that can log in and author help pages, administer the application, add content, and more. What actions ProProfs users are able to perform depends on their role. People who read your documentation logged-out (such as your customers) are called end users. ProProfs does not have a user management system for your end users. Rather you can use your own authentication/login system via Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate your end users.

User List

The user list is a table showing all of a company's users.


1. Log in to your account (as an Administrator) and click Settings.


2. Click Users.


User Count

  • The number of current users displays at the top of the screen: "You have x accounts in use."
  • The number of active users available under your subscription plan displays at the top of the screen: "Your account comes with y users."
  • The number of active user displays at the top of the screen: "You have z accounts in use."

Top Filter

Above the table are filters that allow you to view users by user status. You can click a filter to show all users, only active users, or only inactive users. The filter can be applied to show any of the following:

  • All - This filter displays both active and inactive users.
  • Active - This filter displays only active users.
  • Inactivate - This filter displays only inactive users.

Table Columns

  • Name - This column shows the first and last name of each user displayed as a link. Click on the link to edit the user's name.
  • Email - This column shows each user's email address. A user's email address serves as his or her username.
  • Role - This column shows the role assigned to each user. See Roles & Permissions for more information.
  • Status -  This column shows each user's status as either "Active" or "Inactive."
  • Change Status - This column provides a link to change a user's status. If the user is active, then a link will display that says, "Make Inactive." If the user is inactive, a link will display that says, "Make Active."

Activate or Deactivate Users

  • You cannot delete users from the system. However, you can deactivate a user so the user can no longer use the application.
  • A deactivated user is not counted against your total available licenses. Once you have reached your maximum number of active users on your subscription plan, you will not be able to change any inactive users to active status or add any new users. Those options will be unavailable.
  • You cannot deactivate the master user. The master user is the user that signed up for ProProfs.
  • To deactivate a user, click Make Inactive next to that user.
  • To reactivate a user, click Make Active next to that user.

Edit Users

  • All users can edit their own profiles from the My Account page. Users can change their own information (such as email or password), but not their role.
  • To edit a user, click on the user's name from the list of users.
  • Make changes and click Save.

Add Users

To add a new user, click New User on the toolbar. This will open the Add User page.

The New User button will be hidden once you have reached your maximum number of active users. If you need more users, see the options for upgrading your plan.

  • First Name - Enter the first name of the new user here.
  • Last Name - Enter the last name of the new user here.
  • Email - Enter a valid email address for the new user here. The email address must be unique. The email address will serve as the user's username to log in. Also, a welcome email will be sent to the user.
  • Roles - Select the desired role for the new user from this drop-down menu. Each role limits what the user is able to do in the application. Read the full description of roles for more information.
  • Language - Select the primary language for the user. This language setting will control all the text and interface of ProProfs (not your user-defined content). The user's setting will override a site's language setting. For example, if a user selected "English" as the user's language but is viewing a "French" site, the interface language will be in English but the content will be in French. Selecting Same as the current site from the drop-down menu will dynamically change the user's language to the same language as the site being viewed.
  • Time Zone - Select your current time zone. Also, select whether your time zone is observing daylight saving time or not.
  • Site Access - This option will allow you to restrict a user's access to only certain sites.  By default, a user is allowed to access all sites. To restrict a user from accessing a certain site, click the box next to the desired site (the box will show a check mark next to the restricted site). By restricting access, a user will not be able to log in or access that site.

Click Create to add the new user. An email will be sent to the user.