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Enterprise Wiki vs Free Wiki

There are many free open source wikis online, which creates a lot of confusion for the customers who are planning to get a wiki. The general misconception is that the free wikis and enterprise wikis are the same but there are a lot of things which sets them way apart. Often people who are looking for a wiki solution come across open source free wikis and they all have this one question:   


"Why should I buy an enterprise wiki when I have tons of free wiki available online?" 


To answer the above question, here is a detailed comparison of a paid enterprise wiki and a free wiki:


Feature list Enterprise Wiki Free Wiki
Hierarchy of authorship Proper hierarchy with roles and permissions. No hierarchy, anybody can contribute anything.
Content Curation Options of curation at all stages No curation options
Analytics and reports Advanced reporting and tracking features. No reporting or tracking options.
Content Archive options It archives the content to make more space No archive options
Infrastructure Hosted with back up and disaster recovery Needs to be self hosted with no back up options.
Service and support Offers services, maintenance and support. Needs to be self maintained. 
Advanced authoring features Advanced options such as conditional content, work flows etc. No advanced features
Device compliance All device compatible  Not responsive or poor UI on mobile devices
Layout and format flexibility  Offers CSS editing, templates etc.  Can only be customized by an IT team


The above table clearly depicts why an enterprise wiki solution is any day better than a free open source wiki. ProProfs Wiki Solution provides all the enterprise features including some unique features such as:

  • Single Sign On
  • Conditional Content
  • Workflow
  • Context Sensitive Help 
  • Full White Label